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My New Website is PHDHELP.ORG
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Date: 12/4/2013 2:40 am
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I have a new website at and I will be posting all of my new articles and eBooks on that site from now on. I will not post new articles to this site ( anymore so please be sure to visit and add it to your favorites!

My new website is much more personal and focuses on sharing my knowledge with those struggling with their dissertation and getting that degree. I'm also excited that the new site has tighter integration with both Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to follow me and feel free to send your questions through those channels as well.

Please browse over to and you'll be able to access all of my old blog posts as well as fresh new stories! You'll also be able to download "Dissertation GPS", which is my latest eBook.

Thousands of you have read my posts and I hope that you have found my advice both practical and helpful in this challenging time. You will get through this and you'll look back and always appreciate reaching this achievement!


Dr Randy Parker