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Do Not Listen To Others
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Date: 5/12/2012 10:51 am
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I was going to write about the technique to reduce the number of times that you hand in a chapter to your committee then I heard the news story about only 50% of the recent graduates obtaining a job. It also sounded like half of those who did have a job are underemployed as waiters, waitresses and baristas. We need to talk about that kind of sensational information and how it affects you.

True or not such a finding is only a snapshot of a certain point in time. Other stories in financial blogs talk about manufacturing returning slowly to the USA, a lack of skilled workers in certain areas and millions of retiring baby boomers. But the “drive by” media flashes the hope killing story that screams “Why not just give up there is no future?” Let us not get on board that crazy train.

The statistic I hear a lot is that less than one percent of the population in the USA has a doctoral degree. I also know quite a few baby boomers that are physically and mentally ready to retire. Many are holding on now until the recession like environment changes and their portfolios get healthier but they are still tired of their jobs. Some have health challenges and will not be able to work for a lot longer.  So we know at least some job openings will be coming up in the future. It takes years of work to complete a doctoral degree. There will be a need by organizations for a number of doctoral level jobs at some point if not today.

The economy goes up and down as do the financial markets (They are not exactly the same). There have been good and bad times in the past and will be again in the future. If you have come this far do not let yourself be dragged down by negative statements by the news, peers or family members. In the case of family members their negativity may be coming from the type of energy or behavior that you are engaging in on a daily basis. If you are exhibiting negative comments, hesitancy or anger for long periods of time then you may be bringing on their reactions to you. How would that change if you acted confident and positive each day?

What do you do about the other sources of negative information that weaken your resolve? You can try turning them off. If you are a news junkie this can be hard. It comes down to how much you want your degree. No matter how strong and smart you are over time a constant barrage of negative news will affect how you think and feel. Real fear can be generated by what you read and listen to especially at this critical part of your degree program. Focus on what you need to do and keeping your loved ones supported so they can in turn support you. Instead of listening to the news, reading an opinion blog or surfing the net why not do a web search on how the news affects perceptions. Maybe read part of a fun book, interesting magazine, or listen to a CD that is about personal motivation and success. I found some interesting CD materials that were motivational in the sales and business sections of a CD library. These materials talked about getting organized and motivated and there are hundreds of tapes. The old cassette tape copies are pennies on the dollar. When I rode somewhere I played a motivational CD about exercise, health, making more money or being better organized. I spoke to a number of other doctoral folks who did the same thing.

Forget about the nasty (Fill in the blank) democrats, republicans, libertarians or government officials. These are distractions right now. Focus on shutting out anything that will distract or weaken you. You can dive neck deep into politics when you have graduated. The rest of the world will take care of itself until you are done. Save your energy for you, your family and friends. You will sleep better as you make progress and pass milestones. If you are a news junkie that checks all sorts of websites each day that is a hard habit to break. But take all that passion and energy and put it to work on your dissertation. Get positive materials streaming into your life.  Stop using the phrases “This is too much for me,” or “All of this is unfair” or “How can anyone achieve this?” Write down your goals and what you want to accomplish and when you will be done. Yes this will change but it links you to a plan. Don’t get real crazy about the detail in the plan because it changes often. Stay lose and flexible as your plan changes.

An idea that many successful doctoral folks talked about was imagining what it would be like to finish the degree. They would see themselves walking for the graduation ceremony. They would imagine a future job. That type of fantasy will generate energy and offset the obstacles weighing you down. Let that other part of your mind be free to roam and build a possible future. Do not let your fantasy life latch on to the current news reports and see yourself in frightening situations. Yes, you do use reality to drive your decisions about what to do as you work on your degree. But limit the negative input from various sources and let yourself visualize some positive outcomes for your future.