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My New Website is PHDHELP.ORG
By Admin - 12/4/2013 I have a new website at and I will be posting all of my new articles and eBooks on that site from now on. I will not post new articles to this site ( anymore so please be sure to visit and add it to your favorites!

Do People Say You Are In Denial? Good!
By Admin - 8/20/2013 The attractive twenty something nurse was driving on a beautiful spring day. She placed the glass beverage container between her knees to reach over and adjust the radio station. She never saw the drunk who ran the stop sign and hit her car at high speed. As she recovered they explained that over 90 percent of her inner leg muscle on each leg had been severed by the glass container and could not be repaired. Despite her desperate pleas she was to be trained to use a wheelchair since no one could walk with that little muscle on both legs. The insurance company and her doctors agreed that a wheelchair was her only option.

Problem: "There is so much I do not know!"
By Admin - 1/4/2013 So many students have talked about being overwhelmed by all of the small things that they did not know about the day to day doctoral tasks. Little of this information was covered with the advisors or committee. Social networking helped but it looked rather weak to be asking so many questions and who knows where the electronic copies of the communications will end up? Verbal venting takes place for many students and even worse are written venting comments made that are sent to a professor or a committee. So another approach is needed.

All You Zombies Come Back to Us!
By Admin - 10/10/2012 A zombie student is any student that deep in his or her heart does not believe that they can finish the doctoral degree. I am not talking about occasional doubt or anxiety. I mean down deep the student suddenly is unable to see him or herself being able to finish. They can be a freshly made zombie who is just slightly behind the quickly running live doctoral students. Or they can be a much older zombie who seldom goes to the library, works with his data or writes part of his/her dissertation. The older zombie is starting to fall apart and is tottering along far behind the quickly running live doctoral students. While the newly made zombie can still say things like “analysis of variance, nonparametric methods or multiple regression analysis” the older zombie says things like “gurrrr, argggg, and I will do it tomorrow”.