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Yes it can hurt you
User: Dr Parker
Date: 11/3/2013 2:17 pm
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Yes that kind of thinking can hurt you. I have my next aticle on that since one of my sources talked about the suicide risk from pushing too hard. A very difficult message she wanted to share with others. I really did not want to write what she told me but if it helps even one of you it is worth it. They are changing me over to a new website system so they won't put on the next three articles yet. They may replay some of the older articles for some traffic reason. See my private reply to you.

Hot doc,

Yes back in the day they did keep folks in rehab centers for weeks. You actually had hours of intense therapy every day. Many of our patients were told by the hospital they would never walk again and our post acute therapists got them up and going. They were pushed hard, not like driving in now for short out patient sessions. The model has changed and government has saved a lot of money. I'm not going to say anything else.